What The Heck is ‘Job Listening’?

What the heck is ‘Job Listening’?

I’m glad you asked… or clicked…

We all know what job seeking is: painful, chaotic, anxiety-ridden. It’s also statistically the third most stressful thing in life, behind 1) death of a loved one and 2) divorce.

Seriously, people do NOT like it, and it’s not hard to see why.

Sometimes its necessary, but there is a way to avoid it, or at least reduce the amount of times you’ll be forced to encounter this horrible experience.

We call this strategy ‘job listening’ and chances are you’re already doing it to some extent.

When a friend comes to you and says “I saw a job I thought you’d like, want me to send it over?” and you say “yes”, that’s job listening.

If you’re not actively seeking a new gig, you’re not going to spend countless hours searching through annoying job boards or on calls with recruiters to learn what company they’re even talking about. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely closed off to new opportunities.

If you could ‘job listen’ perfectly, theoretically, you’d never have to job seek. You’d find the role that’s the best fit for you before job seeking even becomes necessary. This may be a pipe-dream since it would require ‘perfect information,’ but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do all you can.

Luckily for the CPAs out there, there is a tool built specifically for Job Listening. It’s called the Luminari JobFeed and we built it because we always wished we had it. Once you set your career and frequency preferences, it just acts like that friend we spoke about (and not the recruiter that’s calling you at the office…).

Aside from being free, and you remaining completely confidential, the best thing is that Luminari doesn’t just inform you about jobs. You can also receive volunteer, learning, networking, and other opportunities. Everything personalized to you.

If you weren’t aware this is a ‘pitch’ by now, sorry to tell you, it is.

But, its something we believed enough in to devote several years of our lives creating. We believed in it, because we spoke to hundreds of CPAs who wanted the same thing we did: an easy way to keep track of the opportunities we cared about with a small time investment and minimum amount of spammy irrelevant junk.

I hope you’ll give it a try, and especially hope that you’ll like it. But if you don’t, email me at michael@luminari.co and tell me what sucks. That’s how we’ll make it better!

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