From Public Accounting to Working at Luminari

Read below to learn more about Jesse’s CPA journey and what inspired him to join the Luminari team in his own words.

A CPA – there is a lot more we can do than just number crunching!

My family happens to have many CPAs in it – my father, uncle, and cousins. I knew this was the path I wanted to take. However, the purpose of studying accounting for me was to gain the knowledge of business, build a network of connections, and ultimately find the right path for me. 

You spend most of your life working, so why not spend it doing something you love? For me, sales was always something I loved, if I truly believed in the product. I have spent the last year brainstorming, reaching out to my network, listening, and reflecting on what path I believed I was destined for. Taking a moment to pause and think in a world that is moving faster than ever, can change your life. 

I realized that most friends, colleagues, and even 3rd-degree connections on LinkedIn were open to having honest conversations about their current jobs and where they see themselves going in their careers. We would discuss the current trends of this generation and how much opportunity there is, especially for CPAs. From the excitement I had networking and having these conversations, I quickly understood this would be the next stop on my journey of life. 

Making CPAs’ lives easier and helping progress their careers faster is Luminari. It was clear that this was the opportunity I was looking for.

The opportunity to join the largest CPA network in Canada and learn from an honest and trustworthy team who understands all the potential that CPAs have is very exciting. I’ve spent the last year talking to CPAs and hearing about the ways they want their careers to go faster, and now I’m thrilled that I get to live and breathe that every day for them since it’s Luminari’s mission.

I can’t wait to join this all-star team and usher in the new era of the modern CPA.


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  1. Amichai Ben David

    Best guy I know!! Such a great team player and told model! I loved working with Jesse and I’m sure everyone at Luminari will as well! Good luck!!

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