Turnover and The Importance of Motivation

Turnover is a constant challenge, especially in an environment where expectations do not change if your team is short people. Excessive turnover leads to disruptions that negatively affect client servicing and morale within the teams. For those working in a client service environment, this is an all too familiar theme. Someone leaves, and others work harder to pick up the slack and still meet the same deadlines.

The Wrong Way to Fix Turnover

There are a number of tools that are used to keep people at their jobs, but for longer lasting effects it’s really about providing one thing: the right motivation.

Money is a quick and easy way to keep people happy temporarily. But, if the sole motivation is to simply earn more, it is only a matter of time when they find a higher paying job and move along.

As managers and people leaders, it is important to understand what drives the people who work for you, and actively work with them to achieve their personal goals.

The Power of Transparency

Transparency is the only way to develop much-needed rapport with employees. It allows you to have honest conversations to understand what they truly want out of their job, and how you can help. Equally important is that the message gets passed up the chain. It is not surprising that people are taken more seriously come promotion time when they’ve already had discussions around the topic and the management team was made aware of their intentions and desires.

Continued Learning

The sharing of knowledge is another area that engages well with people. We all have things we learn from one another, and the more that that happens, the happier people are at what they do. At the end of the day, if people can say they still learn on the job even after being there for a few years, that’s a good place to be.

Its all about Alignment

People come and go but keeping core staff should always be a top priority.  It all comes down to motivating people towards what they want, and to do that you need transparency. Align your employees goals with the organization, make sure they can grow professionally in the ways they desire, and magic will happen.

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