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The Growth of Shopify: From Series A to IPO in Five Short Years

Russ Jones, the former CFO at Shopify, spoke with us at a fireside chat about his evolving role within the company, leading them through multiple funding rounds all the way…

“I always emphasize preparation. You will be more confident. You know the subject, it’s yourself. Focus on what you’re there to do and try to park everything else.” – Charlene Bergman, Director of Interim Management & Executive Search at Farber Group on Nailing Job Interviews


From Public Accounting to Working at Luminari

Read below to learn more about Jesse's CPA journey and what inspired him to join the Luminari team in his own words. A CPA – there is a lot more…

“The market is anyone who wants to make more money than the cost of the software. Starting a business on Shopify should be as much fun as watching Netflix.”

– Russ Jones, former CFO of Shopify

“In reality, an unsuccessful project is the best R&D project. If you didn’t succeed you didn’t know how to do it, so there had to be some knowledge gained” – Josh Smith, Partner, Welch LLP


Announcing the Launch of FEI Young Luminaries.

Our mission at Luminari is to make CPAs' lives easier and their careers progress faster. In that effort, we’re excited to launch our newest initiative, FEI Young Luminaries. It’s an…

Start-Up Tips: 4 Essential Things to Know When Looking for an Office Space

CPAs are usually wearers of many hats when working at a start-up, and finding the next office space often ends up being one of the more perplexing tasks. We sat…

There is Only One Canadian Referee at the World Cup…and He is an Accountant from St. Catharines, Ontario.

Joe Fletcher, CPA, CA, might be sprinting down a soccer field in Russia right now. Though most of the time, Joe is a partner at Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLP…

#FinInTech: How John Grant Went From Insolvency Associate to Director of Engineering at Wealthsimple

#FinInTech is Luminari's initiative to introduce CPAs to the start-up world.  CPAs are undoubtedly well-equipped for accounting and finance roles, but don’t be intimidated if your passion lies elsewhere. We…
Luminari Salary Guide

What Factors Affect a CPA’s Salary?

We recently looked at several salary guides that are out in the market, and found many glaring issues. For example, some of them are strictly for “accountants” and overlooks all…