Managing Your Personal Brand with Fatima Zaidi

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Before you start reading this article, you should ask yourself the following question. When you google yourself, what comes up? Is it your unlocked Facebook page that is filled photos from your high school prom? If so, you probably need help building your personal brand.

On a recent episode of LumiQ, we sat down with the branding expert, Fatima Zaidi, to discuss the importance of personal branding. In the episode, we covered how to build to build up, showcase and maintain your personal brand.

So how do you even define your personal brand?

Fatima defines personal branding as “what people saying about you when you are not in the room”

Why does it matter?

Fatina breaks it down into 3 major buckets: become more “Googleable”, develop thought leadership in your professional arena and increase your chance of opportunities

Where do you even start?

From a high-level, here’s where you can start if you’re looking to develop your personal brand:

  • Setting goals –Be clear and concise with goal setting and have a good idea of what you want to accomplish!
  • Where is my biggest opportunity? – “You need to be the best, the first, or different”, Fatima says. Find the area you can be a unicorn in.
  • Utilize your skillset –Focus on selecting an area that you enjoy – then it won’t feel like “work”
  • How will I get there? –The key concept here is releasing GOOD content REGULARLY.
  • What is my timeline? – You need to set a realistic timeline for yourself based on the goals your previously determined.
  • Be accountable! Studies have shown that you’re more likely to achieve something if you tell someone else that you’re going to do it.



Building your personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. And not everyone is an extrovert or a social butterfly. If that’s you, keep these sage words from Fatima in mind: “The best learning takes place at the edge of discomfort.”

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