Make CPAs Cool Again

By: Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA

When people read our shirts (modelled by Jesse above), we get one of two responses:

1) CPAs HAVE ALWAYS been cool!

2) CPAs WERE NEVER cool to begin with!

Both responses typically come with an accompanying laugh.

The strange thing is that both statements are accurate…sort of.

‘Cool’ is really just a subjective perception of popularity. So if you consider the question “Were CPAs ever popularly considered cool?” I don’t know for sure (maybe there was a golden age I’m unaware of). But my guess is that no, CPAs were always perceived as the ‘boring, risk-adverse’ type rather than the sexy profession.

At the same time, when you consider what many CPAs actually do and have achieved, you really can’t avoid considering it cool. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs. A Minister of Innovation, Blockchain experts, and even world cup referees.

To sum up the complex truth:

CPAs are and have always been cool. However, CPAs have never been considered cool.  Therefore, technically, we’ve never truly been cool.

But if you think about it, all we need to do to change that, is to re-align the world’s perceptions with our reality.

Then we’ll really be as cool as we always have been.

But let’s get real. The shirt slogan is a lot catchier…


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