I Love Applying To Jobs On LinkedIn… Said No One Ever.

My most recent job search taught me two important things:

Creativity in your approach is key to success.

Demonstrate your personal brand in a way that clearly makes you stand out from the crowd. I was frustrated with the process of applying for roles that appeared to be ‘the perfect fit’ only to end up feeling disappointed when not hearing back from the recruiting manager.

As much as sites like LinkedIn depict a surplus of availability in the job market, the reality is you need to innovate to get noticed. I thought that being a CPA with more than 13 years of progressive management experience in Big 4, internal audit and consulting across three countries would be enough of a headline to grab the attention of each company I reached out to; I was wrong. However, my success eventually came when I made it my personal goal to stop applying for every role that seemed like the next best thing.

Using innovation, I developed a strategy that ultimately led to recruiters and hiring managers reaching out on their own accord to introduce ‘the perfect fit’; I created the demand for ME in the marketplace.


LinkedIn as your primary job search tool is not a good strategy

I learned this the hard way. Prior to launching and promoting my own website, my day-to-day routine involved the search, tailor and apply formula. Yes, I had several interviews and made great connections but the time I would spend going through my daily routine was not efficient. I constantly found myself frustrated that my job search couldn’t be tailored to exactly the type of role I was looking for – despite all the fancy filters that LinkedIn and other sites have.

I was introduced to Luminari shortly after I landed my current role. CPAs who use this tool can expect to spend a shorter amount of time sifting through irrelevant, non-tailored job postings and more time working on the important things; promoting their personal brand and putting their job search strategy to practice. Also, having a community of CPAs who come together for Luminari sponsored events is a great way to stay connected and learn from like-minded professionals.

There is no doubting the inherent frustration and stress levels that come with a job search. However, developing the right strategy and spending your time efficiently are areas that you can control. With this in mind, I would highly recommend registering with Luminari and reaching out to their team of professionals to better understand why their tool is a must-have in your job search toolkit.


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