Life After The CPA Letters Isn’t Set In Stone

To most aspiring and recent CPAs this is an overwhelming question. And why is that? Through our toddler stages in university and our 30 month experience in a firm / industry we have a career tour guide – The CPA Organization. “Follow the yellow brick path laid out by us – modules, CAP capstone, CFE, experience.” While the path keeps us focused, the only career decision we really ever had to make was choosing to be a CPA and then “hopefully” figuring out life from there. This hinders learning a very important skill, which is to reflect on our present career choice and assess our short term and long term goals.

Where is it you’d like to see yourself in the next 6 months and in the next 3 -5 years? If you truly enjoy what you are currently doing, then think about the advancements in your role. If not, deep dive into what’s next. And if it’s a pivot in your career, know this:


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle & gorgeous at the end.”

– Robin Sharma


Tomas Romita is my favorite example of a CPA, CA at PwC that left the Big 4 firm to focus on his drea: starting a fitted custom suits business called MADE Clothing. Another example is my colleague Neha Kohli who left her CPA role to pursue her passion of being a comedian. You can see her exclusive Luminari video here.

Which is why I love Luminari! Some CPAs enjoy the traditional path and Luminari understands that there are many CPAs seeking non-traditional opportunities. The skillset acquired by an individual by pursuing the CPA designation, from preparing for the cases to applying them in their service line, is transferrable to various non-traditional roles as well (marketing, HR, private equity, startups, etc.). Hence, if you haven’t signed up as a Luminari member yet, then you should. They cater to show you jobs that only interest you.

As for myself, I’ve loved my three and a half years of experience at Deloitte in the audit and tax functions. Reflecting on my goals I truly thank my Deloitte partners for allowing me to pursue two of my biggest passions: analytics and working with technology companies. Some cool opportunities included being a part of the Deloitte Audit analytics team and conducting interviews for our FAST50 applicants. Currently, I’ve joined the Schulich MBA accelerated program to brand myself in the Strategy and Analytics space.


What’s your life after getting the CPA letters going to be?


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