CPA Ontario’s Whitepaper on AI

“AI doesn’t replace jobs, it replaces routine tasks.” The prominence of process automation and job outsourcing has certainly made job security in front of the minds of many professionals including CPAs.

Thanks to major advancements in technology, gone are the days where accountants are thought of as mere number crunchers. Instead, the shift frees up CPAs’ time away from repetitive tasks that most people hate doing into more valuable activities—think advisory.

While CPA jobs aren’t necessarily on the chopping block, adapting to the changing landscape is a must for professionals. Artificial Intelligence offers new tools that “increase the efficiency and expertise”, meaning CPAs can do their jobs faster and better. Late adapters here risk getting left behind the learning curve and could potentially be outpaced by eager and fast-learning CPAs.

Curious to find out more about AI and what it means to the CPA community? Our friends at CPA Ontario has launched a whitepaper, “Evolving Alongside Artificial Intelligence” that delves into the details and explains what CPAs can do with AI.

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