CPD Course Personalization

The Benefits of CPD Course Personalization

How offering personalized CPD programs to employees can lead to increased usage and more positive perceptions about professional development.
CPD Three Year Rolling Period

What is the Three Year Rolling Period for CPD?

What is the three year rolling period for Canadian CPAs CPD requirements and how do I make sure I stay compliant?
CPD Course

Verifiable vs. Unverifiable CPD

What methods of learning qualify as Verifiable CPD for CPAs, what separates these from Unverifiable methods, and what do you need to prove that you're compliant?
Employer led CPD

How Quality CPD Training Can Help Employers

How employers investing in quality CPD Training can lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention and be a major factor in aiding recruitment.
CPD Audit CPAs

A Guide to the CPD Audit Process

Wallking through the CPD Audit process for Canadian CPAs. How to report, what you need to provide, and what happens if requirements aren't met.
LumiQ Track/Store CPD Records

How to Keep Track of and Store CPD Records

Tracking and Storing CPD hours. Life as a CPA can often be hectic. With all the responsibilities CPAs need to juggle, Professional Development can often become an afterthought. This can…

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the ongoing learning that CPAs engage in to broaden their knowledge base and keep up to date on trends and developments in the industry.

Make CPAs Cool Again

By: Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA When people read our shirts (modelled by Jesse above), we get one of two responses: 1) CPAs HAVE ALWAYS been cool! 2) CPAs WERE NEVER…