Cash Accounting vs Accrual Accounting: Understanding the Differences

Cash Accounting vs Accrual Accounting: Understanding the Differences   When it comes to accounting, there are two main methods of keeping track of financial transactions: cash accounting and accrual accounting.…
Public Accounting Vs Industry Choice

Public Accounting vs Industry, What are the Pros and Cons

What are the Pros and Cons of choosing a job in Public Accounting or Industry Accounting for CPAs and Accounting Professionals.
Rporting CPD Non-Compliance

What happens if I fail to report completion of CPD hours

I failed to report completion of my CPD Requirements, what now?   The life of a CPA can be extremely busy. Tasks can pile up at certain points in the…
CPD Tracker Dashboard App and Webapp

A Guide to LumiQ’s CPD Tracker

A Guide to LumiQ’s CPD Tracker   Keeping track of CPD hours can be a major frustration for CPAs. Making sure all the CPD hours you earned are accounted for…

The Four Hour Ethics CPD Requirement for Canadian CPAs

The four hour CPD ethics requirement for Canadian accountants. How do CPAs to fulfill these specific requirements and what does it take for a course to qualify?
CPD Vs. CPE for CPAs

CPD Vs. CPE, The Differences for Canadian/US CPAs

CPD for Canadian CPAs Vs. CPE for US CPAs, their unique requirements, where they differ, and what you should know if you're moving regions.
CPD Course Personalization

The Benefits of CPD Course Personalization

How offering personalized CPD programs to employees can lead to increased usage and more positive perceptions about professional development.
CPD Three Year Rolling Period

What is the Three Year Rolling Period for CPD?

What is the three year rolling period for Canadian CPAs CPD requirements and how do I make sure I stay compliant?
CPD Course

Verifiable vs. Unverifiable CPD

What methods of learning qualify as Verifiable CPD for CPAs, what separates these from Unverifiable methods, and what do you need to prove that you're compliant?
Employer led CPD

How Quality CPD Training Can Help Employers

How employers investing in quality CPD Training can lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention and be a major factor in aiding recruitment.
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