Author: Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA


Let’s Take a Bet on Ourselves: Why CPAs Should Believe in Their Future

I was pitching my company to a room of around 200 hugely successful entrepreneurs at U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab startup accelerator. Although I have no idea of the…

Two Years Ago Jim Balsillie Rejected Me; Here’s the Story of How it Turned into a Collaboration

Two years ago I wrote about how I met Jim Balsillie for 30 Seconds, he rejected me, and I thought he was great. I had received the ‘slow no’ rejection…

Not the CPD We Need, The CPD We Deserve

By: Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA Over the past 12 months we’ve spoken to over one thousand CPAs about Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and what we heard is extremely disheartening. The…