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France Ran Out of Money Last Tuesday, And Within Days, So Will The Rest of Europe (Financial Post)

Analysis: European countries are being forced to borrow well before the year ends — and sooner or later, that debt will catch up with them.... Read more here

Oil prices on the rise after OPEC points to 2018 supply deficit as market tightens (Financial Post)

OPEC raised its forecast on Monday for demand for its oil in 2018 and said its deal with other producers to cut output was reducing excess oil in storage, potentially…

Why A Big 4 Career Isn’t Right For You And That’s Okay

You’ve heard it before from your Professors, recruiters, coworkers, friends, and if you’re like me, probably your mother... “It’s a great name to have on your resume!” “You’ll learn so…

10 Hilarious Busy Season Moments CPAs Know All Too Well

It's day 1 of Busy Season! Congrats! Last year may be just far enough in the past that it doesn't feel as daunting - even, dare I say, doable? Well…

Shoppers Optimum And PC Plus Programs Will Be Merged In February 2018 (Huffpost)

Customers at Shoppers Drug Mart or any of Loblaw Companies Ltd.'s grocery stores will soon use a new, unified loyalty program that replaces Optimum and PC Plus points. Loblaw (TSX:L)…

More than 3,000 Canadian names in the Paradise Papers (CBC News)

A supermarket giant, an NHL hockey team, several billionaires and a yacht captain. These are just a few of the roughly 3,300 Canadian companies, trusts, foundations and individuals whose names appear…

What We Learned From Jean Desgagné, CEO of TMX Global Solutions

Jean Desgagné is the President and CEO, TMX Global Solutions, Insights and Analytics Strategies, and a member of the board of directors of CDS, CDCC, TSX Trust and Agriclear. He…

9 Random Accounting Memes To Get You Through The Day

That accounting bliss: "Does anyone want my business card?!" When you go to a CPA networking event alone from Accounting Outsmarting the system facts only #accountingmemes A post shared by…

Canadian CPA bodies sign Mutual Recognition Agreement with U.S. and Mexican counterparts (Newswire)

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2017 /CNW/ - Professional accounting bodies from Canada, the United States and Mexico today signed a trilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement. It renews the agreement originally signed in September 2002 by the legacy body... Read more here

Watchdog hits offices of Canadian grocery retailers in bread price-fixing probe (Financial Post)

TORONTO — The Competition Bureau says it has raided the offices of certain companies in a criminal investigation tied to alleged price fixing following statements released by some of the…