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CPD Audit CPAs

A Guide to the CPD Audit Process

Wallking through the CPD Audit process for Canadian CPAs. How to report, what you need to provide, and what happens if requirements aren't met.
fatima zaidi episode

Managing Your Personal Brand with Fatima Zaidi

Before you start reading this article, you should ask yourself the following question. When you google yourself, what comes up? Is it your unlocked Facebook page that is filled photos…

The Invisible Gold Mine: Former RIM CEO Jim Balsillie on the Importance of IP Assets

Research In Motion (RIM) may be one of Canada’s greatest commercial success stories, but former CEO Jim Balsillie will tell you that the only wheel they re-invented was on a…

Make CPAs Cool Again

By: Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA When people read our shirts (modelled by Jesse above), we get one of two responses: 1) CPAs HAVE ALWAYS been cool! 2) CPAs WERE NEVER…

New Research Suggest SMB’s Truly Embracing Technology

At Luminari, innovation and CPAs are at the forefront of everything we do. As we have previously discussed, with the help of our friends over at CIBC, we created a…

Small Business Owners’ need help; here’s what CPAs can do

On the heels of Luminari & CIBC’s new white-paper about the future of public accounting, we’re tackling other relevant research on small businesses in Canada, and where CPAs can add…
Future of Accounting

CIBC and Luminari Present: The Future of Public Accounting White Paper

We brought together 35 of Canada’s top accounting firm-partners to provide them with a first look at CIBC SmartBanking for Business and host a discussion around future-proofing their practice, technology…

The Changing Economics of Music with Alan Cross

We sat down with renowned Canadian music historian, Alan Cross, to discuss the evolution of the music industry from a business perspective. From vinyl and cassettes to CDs to Napster…

CPA Ontario’s Whitepaper on AI

“AI doesn’t replace jobs, it replaces routine tasks.” The prominence of process automation and job outsourcing has certainly made job security in front of the minds of many professionals including…

“We don’t like the term ‘Smart City’. Most cities are already smart, so it’s about bringing all these technologies together” – Nicole LeBlanc, Director, Sidewalk Labs