Announcing the Launch of FEI Young Luminaries.


Our mission at Luminari is to make CPAs’ lives easier and their careers progress faster. In that effort, we’re excited to launch our newest initiative, FEI Young Luminaries. It’s an exclusive mentorship program for 50 of the top young finance professionals in the GTA, where we’ll be connecting them into the top finance executives in the city for a series of one-on-one in-person mentorship opportunities.

The FEI Young Luminaries Program

FEI Young Luminaries is unique by offering a multitude of high-engagement touch points, allowing mentors and protégés to find someone they connect with, rather than assuming a fit with chosen pairs. The program is one-year long and will include several one-on-one sessions, exclusive events, and attendance at the FEI national conference in the summer of 2019.

Some of the FEI mentors participating in the program include:
– Gord Nelson, CFO of Cineplex Entertainment
– Russ Wong, CFO of ADP Canada
– Winnie Leung, CFO of Moneris Solutions
– And many more!

“There are few things more valuable for the career of a young high-performer than the guidance and direction of a trusted mentor. The benefits of finding someone you can turn to outside of your organization – allowing you to have difficult and honest conversations with – are immeasurable. Especially when they’ve been there before.” – Michael Kravshik, CEO & Founder of Luminari.

“So many of our members are keen to give back to the next generation. And it’s not just a one-way street; our members know that young professionals have a lot to share with them as well. We’ve designed FEI Young Luminaries to create meaningful relationships that will extend for years to come.” – Peter Pigott, CEO of FEI Canada

Joining the Program

Luminari and FEI will choose 50 of the most promising young accounting/finance professionals to join FEI Young Luminaries. This first cohort will be in the Greater Toronto Area, and we plan to expand across Canada.

To be eligible, you must be an accounting/finance professional between the ages of 25 to 35, and be able to attend events in Toronto. The application process consists of your resume, answering 3 short questions, and getting 1-3 reference(s) from leaders in your organization—this last step might take some time, so don’t leave it until the last minute! Applications will be due August 13th, and finalists will also be invited for a video interview.

You can learn more at, or apply here.

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