4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews (Even Though You’ve Already Tried EVERYTHING)

It happens to the best of us, you apply for a job you know you’re qualified for but you never hear back.

In moments like these, it’s impossible to keep from asking yourself where you went wrong and why you didn’t get picked for an interview. While it’s true, that there may have been more qualified candidates, you’d be doing yourself no favours if you left it at that.

Finding a job is a process and most processes require constant assessment and refinement.

Next time you find yourself sending a resume into the ether, ask yourself if you fall into any of the four categories below.

  1. You Applied For 10 Jobs With The Exact Same Resume

If you’re guilty of this, chances are your resume never even made it to the hiring manager’s desk. Customizing the language in your resume is essential to getting past automated screeners.

Even if it’s the exact same job title, different employers have different expectations for their employees.

You’ve probably heard people talking about keywords being of paramount importance on resumes. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. A good resume matches your skills and capabilities with the specific job requirements indicated on job postings. Cookie-cutter resumes are almost guaranteed to be the first cut.

  1. Speaking Of Cookie Cutter, Your Resume Has No Personality

People hire people they want to work with. And nobody wants to work with a boring person.

I’m not telling you to apply for jobs with your resume on scented pink paper—that only works for Elle Woods. But there are many other ways to (professionally) inject some personality into your resume, like talking about your passions through your experiences.

Got excited when you saved a client thousands of dollars in taxes? Proud of the custom accounting system you use to manage the books? Or maybe you are an active member of your company’s culture club?  Acknowledging the things that make you excited to go to work each day makes it easier for employers (and potential colleagues) to get excited about you.

Take it one step further by including a community involvement. Show that you have a life beyond work, and dedicate some resume real estate highlighting how you give back to the community.  You never know, this could be a conversation starter, or even give you an extra edge on competitors who are equally qualified but not as personable.

  1. Your Resume Lacks Confidence

Sometimes, when you’ve been in the same job for a long time, you start to downplay the things you do on a daily basis. As much as you may want to leave your current situation, this lack of confidence can hold you back from really highlighting your value to potential employers.

If you’ve been laid off from a job you love, the experience can have an even bigger impact on your career confidence. Don’t let these obstacles stop you from finishing the race.

You’ve gotten this far because you are a hardworking, skilled employee. Don’t forget that and don’t forget to include that in your resume!

  1. You’re Passively Networking… Or Worse, Not Networking At All

Hard work and dedication will get you far, but who you know can help you get further.

I’m not just talking about getting a new job. Knowing how to effectively network can help you secure new clients, get promotions and even start your own business.

Just like on your resume, community involvement could help here too. Shared interests help bring people together so don’t be shy about asking questions and sharing your own stories.

You see, effective job searching requires so much more than a resume that just lists all the jobs you’ve held in the past. It requires commitment to building solid relationships, as well as a solid resume.

A well-crafted resume requires creativity and skill. To help our CPAs, Kamara has offered to personally review and critique your resumes, completely free of charge.

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